Safari’s  Sanctuary                 

26881 East 58 Street,
Broken Arrow, OK  74014
Call Us at (918) 357-5683

FOR THE LOVE OF THE ANIMALS !                 

Safari's  Sanctuary  is an exotic wildlife  RESCUE for over 200 animals! Giving these discarded exotic animals (mostly former pets) a forever home.

Also  EDUCATION is our way of  PREVENTION. If we teach you about our animals, why they are rescued, what they really "need", maybe we can prevent a future rescue.

zoo  2  you  is our fun, educational way to bring some animals to your birthday party, event, festival; giving interaction and playtime, while educating on the real needs of these animals.

VOLUNTEERING is another way to educate. Work with the animals, learn to feed and care for our rescues, scoop their poop, change waters... see and be a part of what it really takes to have an exotic animal.

DONATIONS  are how we survive and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!