Animals A-Z

What types of animals do we have here at Safari's?  We take care of tons of  species ranging from rare exotic cats like Barbary Lions and Siberian Tigers to colorful jungle birds like Amazon Parrots and Macaws.  We currently have approximately 200 animals on site, and since we are an animal rescue and sanctuary, this number is always changing.

In addition to our wide range of exotic amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles, we also have an excellent petting zoo for the kids!  There's something for everyone at Safari's.

To the left is a partial list of the species we are caring for right now.  Click on the underlined animal to learn more about its habitat, life cycle, diet, and status in the wild!

Note about our Veterinarian:
Dr Dan Danner with
Animal Medical Surgical Hospital
Tulsa, OK
Click here to visit his website..

Dr Danner has been helping Safari's for over 15 years.
Dr. Dan has extensive experience with exotics of all kinds.  Prior to opening his veterinary clinic, he worked with Lion Country Safari obtaining invaluable exotic experience.
I highly recommend Dr Danner for any exotic animal needs.  From cats, to bears, wolves, primates...etc.  He has clients nationwide.  Also holding a position on the Oklahoma Board of Veterinarians.  Thank you Dr Dan, we love you.
ps... he cares for regular dogs and cats too!