to Safari's Private RESCUE


Just volunteers who care for these rescues

for the rest of their life.

Want to volunteer? CALL US! 

These rescues were once exotic animals for pets!!?!?!?

In some circumstances, the situation, the lifestyle, the animals, the people are a perfect match.  But those stories are few compared to the instances that the people got the animal before doing the research, hence requiring the animal to be homeless or worse, killed.

Safari's feels this PROBLEM was created by humans, and needs to be resolved by humans!

 For the love and life of the animals.....

Safari's is home for over 250 unwanted, rescued exotic wildlife.  

Ranging from big cats, a LIGER, bears, wolves, primates, reptiles, hoofstock and much more!

Safari's Sanctuary is a 501c3 private facility of rescue

Need VOLUNTEERS, and donations of lots of things to keep them cared for.

Needs EXAMPLES:  $$ money of course...

Also things you may throw away like, towels, newspapers, blankets,

Allowing us all our time to dedicate to the animals and our mission.

We need volunteers. Do you have 1 morning a week to share?  8am till noon?

We need DONATIONS, all tax deductible, to help to pay for the animals food and care.
We are all volunteer, so no salaries here, just animal care and food.

We now accept PayPal donations!
 paypal-button2Or check out our GIFT SHOP

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Or if you have items to donate...
We need  towels, blankets, heaters,
cleaning supplies (paper towels, spray cleaners, bleach, trash bags, ziploc bags),
food items (dry goods, oatmeal, spaghetti, macaroni, cereals, soups, spaghetti sauces, raisins, dried fruits, canned fruits and veggies...)
We need meat ---are you a hunter?  take the prime meat you want, give us the carcas and leftovers you dont want.

We need ambassadors to take animals to school educational programs and events. 

Please consider donation your of time and/or you finances to help in the care of our animals.

Donations can be made by phone or mail

(918)357-LOVE (5683)

26881 E. 58th St.

Broken Arrow, OK 74133

Safari's would like to thank everyone that has helped to save these animals lives since 1995!

Become a volunteer, a sponsor, or just be an ambassador and tell everyone you know.




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