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ZooMobiles...  Zoo2U!

Bringing a few of our zoo to you!

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Safari’s Zoo 2 You Programs

Safari’s brings unique wild creatures and makes education a fun experience. We can schedule your Zoo To You 7 days a week. We can provide a formal educational presentation, or just a fun hands on petting experience. From a family get together to a Corporate Party Event!


Travel the world in an hour!

Birthday parties, big and small events, schools and senior homes!

We bring animals to YOUR location so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home, classroom, or venue to see some wild animals ! 

 Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe & South America---

This package includes animals from all over the world including

our 10 ft. Asian albino python, 4’ American alligator, 24” African tortoise,

18” Australian Blue tongue skink, European baby Sicilian Donkey (when Avail),

and a South American Iguana!

No passport required, but plan to have some fun!!!

All pettable, and have your camera ready!

1 hour event, pick 4 $175, Pick 5 $200, All 6 $250. 2nd hour $50 discount



Ones’y, Twos’y Safari

Just want us to drop by with a creature or two? No problem!

$50 per creature…

Pick from creatures from around the world! All pettable!


African Spur Thighed Sulcata Tortoise, about 24”

African Royal Ball Python, about 5’

African Savannah Monitor Lizard, about 3’


Asian ( Indonesian) Moluccan Cockatoo

Asian Albino Burmese Python, about 10’


Australian Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

Australian Blue Tongue Skink

Australian Bearded Dragon

Europe Baby Sicillian Donkey (when babies available)


North American California King Snake, about 4’

North American Corn Snake, about 4’

North American Alligator, about 4’


South American Red Tail Boa, pick from 4’ to 8’

South American Green Iguana, about 5’

South American Tegu Lizard, about 2’

South American Caiman Alligator about 2’


 Or just say you want a snake, gator, tortoise, lizard, bird, or donkey... and we'll go from there!


Additional $25 charge after 5:00pm.
Additional mileage charges ($1 per mile each way) for events outside of Tulsa, Broken Arrow area.